Carroll County Trust Company is a small town community bank established in 1919. 

When the Trust Company was formed the banks of Carrollton were family owned entities. The original Board for the Trust Company was comprised of businessmen, however, farmers wanted to have a bank that was owned by a variety of stockholders.

The following individuals are the original Board of Directors: R. H. Monier, C. G. Bowers, L. G. Clark, C. R. Rogers, W. H. Trenchard, W. D. Pinney, Joel Stamm, Earl Johnson, Maj. E. Stipp, Henry Hartman, O. J. Lierley and T. J. Sugg.

In 1920 Alma Scharfenberg became the first female employee at Carroll County Trust Company; Alma's daughter Lucille Moeller Staton also worked for the bank for 37 years.

In 1923 the original Board of Directors started The Farmers and Merchants Bank of Hale.

In 1934 Carroll County Trust Company purchased the assets of The Banking House of Wilcoxson and Co.

In 1937 Carroll County Trust Company purchased the assets of The Carroll Exchange Bank, which became insolvent during the great depression. It was once located at the North East corner on the square in Carrollton.

In 2008, Carroll County Bancshares purchased the assets of Farmers & Merchants Bank of Hale, in Hale, Missouri and merged those assets with Carroll County Trust Company which became CCTC's first bank branch.

Decedents of the original board of directors who are currently employed with the Trust Company are as follows: 

Benjamin Polen - President and Bank CEO - Step Great Grandson of C.R. Rogers

Kieth Long - Executive Vice-President - Great Grandson of L.G. Clark, who was the original Vice-President of CCTC.